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   March 2013 

Hi Dominic: Here are a few more photos for you. I finished the entire roof with the first coat of Roof It. The first two are obviously what it looked like before Roof It, and the 3rd one is a panorama of the entire roof ater the first coat. It rained more than an inch after I finished the 1st coat on the north side, the side that was leaking so badly, and the good news is that there was not a drop this time that had leaked. Now that I have the first coat finished, I can be a little more leisurely about the second coat. The 25 gallons will be plenty. I really slathered the first coat on putting two and three coats on every screw and seam, and I still only used about 7 1/2 gallons for the first coat. If you want me to quit sending you photos, let me know. Very pleased with the project so far; the only real drawback is that I am 66, and it took me 6 days on my hands and knees to do the first coat. It seems that  I am not getting any younger. Anyway, I will be glad to have this project finished. Thanks again for all your help. Cheers  Stephen


         BEFORE    -South Side                                         BEFORE     -South Side                                       Panorama of the entire Roof after the first coat            


     February 2014    

Dear Dominic: Hi there; Stephen Miller in Eureka, California. I told you I would get back to you about my roof when we were through the winter; we aren't quite, and it has been drier than usual, but I was there a couple of weekends ago when it rained 6 1/2 inches in two days. I guess if the roof was going to leak, it would have. I am happy to tell you that it has not leaked a drop since I finished my project with Roof It. I did the entire roof with two generous coats, and each screw and seam got more than that. Any areas that I thought could be the culprit for the leak got three coats. I never found the leak; I still do not know where the SOB was, but it doesn't matter, because it has been stopped. Clearly I am a satisfied customer, and I would be happy to share my experience with others who are interested in the product but would like a reference. I fought this leak for 8 years, so you may have at least a sense of what it means to me to have it stopped. It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and you can be sure I have already given your name and number to people who have similar situations, and I will continue to do so. Thanks again for all of your assistance. Most Sincerely,  Stephen