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I Ďm fortunate too have two homes in Michigan. One in Lower Michigan and one in Upper Michigan, which I was having ice problems with and had too replace the roof twice because of Ice damage, and still had leaks in certain areas on the roof after. So I decided to look for an alternative way of stopping the leaks. I went on the internet and looked for something I could use on the roof to try and seal it, and found a product called Roof-it. I ordered just a Gallon too try out. I applied it to the areas I was having trouble with that leaked, and guess what, after (2 years), thatís TWO years later NO LEAKS. So I decided too do the whole roof. But instead of doing that roof, because it was newer and the leaks stopped. I decided to do the roof on my house in Lower Michigan which was 23 years old, and would cost me $10,000.00 to replace. I purchased 20 gallons of roof-it from Chiri Enterprise at This is the most amazing product Iíve ever used. I rolled and brushed it on, which I must admit was hard work, (only) because of the large area that was being covered, but it was worth every penny. I would recommend this product too anyone who wants to save money on roof repair or roof replacement big time. IT WORKS. 


Mike Sakuta

Sterling Heights, Michigan