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Nanaimo British Columbia  August 2011

We live in Nanaimo British Columbia where we get our fair share of rain, wind and above freezing temperatures in the winter and hot temperatures (usually) in the spring, summer and fall.  Our house has an original 19 year old roof of interlocking asphalt shingles that is in reasonable condition with a few problem areas.  When the roof was installed, metal flashing was not used in the valleys and the rear valley that gets all of the hot afternoon sun/heat was leaking.  The water was running down the tar paper under the roof and into our covered back deck.  I had tried to seal the problem/leaking valley with roofing tar and this was not working.  Our house is located fairly high up on a hill that offers us an amazing view but we also get more wind than we might elsewhere so there were a few spots where the shingles were starting to lift.

I went on the internet to find a roof coating to seal the problem valley and came across Roof It.  When I read about this product, I decided to coat our entire roof as it was probably 2 to 5 years away from needing replacing at a cost of at least $15,000.  I called Dom and discussed the product and purchased 40 gallons of Roof It for the house and shed and 5 gallons of Roof It RV for our motor home.  I purchased a light grey for the house and white for the motor home.  The grey is a very light color and looks white on the house.

For some strange reason, I thought that I would prep the roof in the morning and paint it in the afternoon.  I quickly realized that painting the roof on a 2,500 square foot house would take longer than an afternoon.  I spent about 6 hours prepping the roof removing the moss with a wire brush, nailing down any loose shingles and then sweeping it to remove debris.

When I first started applying the product, I quickly found that it is a great product that was going to do exactly what I needed.  I applied the product with a large brush as interlocking shingles have many spots where water can sit and I wanted all of these spots sealed.  I first applied a heavy coat to the problem valley, the other valley and around the skylights and vents etc. and then applied one coat of product to the rest of the roof.  I spent about 25 hours in total painting the roof.

Our shed has the same 19 year old interlocking shingles and the side facing north was in very poor condition.  Again, I prepped the roof by removing the moss, sweeping it and the nailing down the many lifted and loose shingles.  I applied two coats to the shed and am very pleased with the way it turned out.

I also spoke to Dom about applying Roof It to out motor home as I needed to seal it anyways.  The motor home has an aluminum rood and a previous owner had covered the rear section with some sort of sealant.  I prepped this roof by scuffing it up with sand paper and a wire brush.  Roof It covered the aluminum and other sealant incredibly well.  As our motor home is older, I asked Dom if I could paint in the front window above the cab and was told that as long as the window was clean, it would stick.  I painted the window to keep the heat out and to protect the glass.  I think it turned out great.

The light grey color on the house has helped keep our house cooler by 3 to 5 degrees Celsius and as the roof is so much cooler, I think it will help the shingles from being further heat damaged.  I would recommend applying Roof It to a brand new roof to stop heat damage, loss of the roofing grit (that weighs down the gutters and clogs them) and your new roof will last for many, many years longer than it otherwise would have.  Before applying Roof It, I was always concerned when it rained.  Now, I look forward to the rainy season and will update my testimonial after we get some of our wet and windy weather.  I think that this product will keep our roof from attracting moss as there is nowhere for water to sit, it will also help keep the shingles from lifting in the wind.

I am somewhat hesitant to order anything from the internet as I always worry about scams.  Anyone ordering from Dom at Chiri Enterprises does not have to worry, what you order is what you get.  I was more than satisfied with the level of customer service I have received.

 I highly recommend the Roof It product to apply to any surface that it is intended for, what an amazing product.  I have had many of my neighbours ask what I was applying to my roof and would be surprised if some of them did not place an order. I KNOW that I will be ordering more as my wife is already talking about painting the siding (cement) on our entire house. 

Dave Prevost

Nanaimo B.C.