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   Old Asphalt Single Dome built in the 1980’s



October 23,2010

Hi Dominic –

We have an old dome built in the 1980’s and, over the years and through various owners, this place had become famous for leaks. Many attempts had been made to fix these by previous owners, and then by us, but we all continued to fail.

Last year, I read about your product and since everything else had been tried here, we decided to try it. We are extremely pleased with the results. Not only did the product fix our leaks, but the finished product looks great. We always disliked the colour of our shingles and this new colour is perfect.

The new roof has survived many heavy rain storms over the summer and recently, came through with flying colours during hurricane Igor. Not a single leak after 150 mm of rain and 125 km per hour winds. Our neighbor lost shingles off his new roof, we lost nothing. As a bonus, our insurance company has agreed to include our roof, which was previously excluded, in our home insurance policy given it’s performance during the hurricane.

My husband add the following comment:

Pre-sale….excellent service, Dominic walked us through the details and helped us confirm our needs and estimates

Sale…seamless!...we confirmed our order with Chiri over email...and about 2 weeks later a nice man in a truck showed up and offloaded on-site. Buckets all clearly labeled and carefully sealed.

After-sale support…again an excellent service and we could quickly get answers to any questions as we asked.


a) we found 7.5% thinning with water (6 cups of water in a 5-gallon pail) to give a good consistency for a first coat on badly worn (25-year old) asphalt shingles.
b) Second coat we applied as delivered with no thinning…easy to apply with a good brush.
c) Product is remarkably stable….the tenth bucket I opened required only the same amount of stirring as the first – and those events were 3-months apart!
d) Hint – clean your stirring rod carefully after each accumulation of roof-it makes for an incredibly tough surface…you’ll need a hammer and cold-chisel to get it off!
e) After hurricane Igor hit, the only thing we noticed (after we cleared away the trees) was a brown streaking on the shingles … on closer inspection this turned out to be WOOD…from the branches on the trees wearing against the Roof-it covered shingles as they fell!!! Our next-door neighbor to the east (about 200 feet away) lost whole shingles from his 5-year old roof!.
f) Color tinting was extremely consistent bucket-to-bucket, and made for a beautiful blending between the various roof surfaces, especially where we had integrated new aluminum windows and port-holes…

I include some before, during and after picture. We are still working on the eves of the house (next year’s project), but the roof looks great.

Thanks again,

Elisabeth & Carl
Logy Bay, Newfoundland