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TESTIMONIAL September 30.2009



Dear Chiri Enterprises;

We wanted to write and let you know how pleased we are with your product Roof-It.  We have a geodesic dome house built in 1985. The roof is not typical

shingle material, but more of a molded composite fiberglass. Over the  years, we have had numerous roof leaks which have caused extensive dry wall

damage to our 26 foot ceiling.My husband tried many times to locate the roof leaks and patch them. He used mostly tar and caulk and sometimes did

 succeed in stopping some of the leaks for a time. But over the years, with heat and cold conditions, eventually the roof would leak again. We painted

 our entire roof in 2002 with a high-end marine paint, thinking that would seal all of the leaks. We had all of the drywall repaired and  repainted. After just

 a few months, we noticed the drywall staining and bubbling again, and knew the leaks were back. So we began an intense search to locate a product

 that would truly seal our roof all over. We found the Chiri Enterprises website, and read about  the Roof-It product. The description of what it could do

 sounded perfect. We sent away for a sample to try it out. My husband talked with Dominick Chiri who was helpful and knowledgeable about the product.

We ordered 20 gallons in a custom color that we chose to match our current roof/siding color scheme. We hired Sheldon and Sons painting contractor,

 local to our area, to paint our roof with 2 coats of Roof-It. They power washed the roof, then used brushes to prepare the surface and makes sure it was

free of debris. They used rollers and brushes to apply the paint, and after the first coat we could see that the paint was different.It seemed to be a molded

covering instead of just paint. The very next morning we had about 2 hours of steady rain. We checked our ceiling and walls frequently and were amazed

to find no sign of water or dampness. The Roof-It appeared to have sealed the leak in just one coat. We had the second coat applied and have been

just amazed at how fully “coated” the roof is. We can see that the product is exactly what we hoped it would be. We are waiting for another rain storm so we

can be absolutely sure the leaks are sealed before we get the drywall fixed again. But from the look of the roof, and the documented research done on Roof-It,

we feel confident that we have finally found a product to solve our roof leaks.

Thank you so much.

Sept 2009 California USA



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