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The  South Asian tsunami is one of the most devastating natural disasters in years, with millions left homeless and in desperate need of aid. As part of the global community, we are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of  life and suffering that has occurred as a result of this disaster. We  invite you to support one of a number of organizations providing assistance to individuals and nations affected by this tragedy.

Canadian Red Cross

Double the power of  your donation! When you give to the Canadian Red Cross Asia Earthquake  & Tsunami Relief fund before Jan. 11, 2005 the Government of Canada  will generously match your gift!



As the magnitude of the tragedy in South Asia continues to increase, UNICEF workers on  the ground in the affected countries are racing against time to prevent further deaths from disease. You can make a difference!


World  Vision Canada

World Vision is  responding to the crisis in south Asia. World Vision teams are involved in the distribution of food and emergency supplies, damage assessment, medical care and other activities. World Vision has more than three decades experience in the south Asia region and will remain after the  current crisis is over helping communities to rebuild. Please donate  to help the people of south Asia.


Save the Children

Save the Children  Canada has been working for over 80 years both in Canada and overseas to bring immediate and lasting improvements to children's lives through the realization of their rights. Save the Children Canada is urgently seeking support for its Tsunami Relief Fund, which will allow the organization to quickly expand relief and protection for children in affected areas.


Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders

Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is the world's  leading independent humanitarian medical relief organisation working  in over 76 countries, and awarded the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize for its  pioneering work on four continents. MSF is currently responding to the  tsunami crisis in South East Asia by shipping medical relief materials and mobilising its medical and non-medical volunteers to the region.  Support our work today and donate to the South East Asian crisis.



Relief operations  by Oxfam staff are underway in countries worst hit by the massive tsunami.  Oxfam is working to provide clean water and sanitation to avoid the  outbreak of disease among the many thousands of displaced people. In  addition, Oxfam is distributing emergency family survival kits containing  food, soap, candles and matches and sanitary napkins.


Foster Parents Plan

Foster Parents Plan  (Plan) is an international, humanitarian, child centred development  organization without religious, political or governmental affiliation.  Plan is providing immediate assistance to survivors of the Tsunamis  in Asia, and has launched an international appeal to provide both short-  and long-term emergency relief and rehabilitation.





















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