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NEW ! !

                                       COAT 'N GO Mufflet System Coating

 Muffler & Tail Pipe Liquid Repair Coating Sealer

"NEW! Liquid Muffler Repair & Coating Muffler Exhaust System .

Repairs perforated Mufflers & Exhaust Pipes.

 Rust/Corrosion Resistant. Flexible.  Forms rock hard finish.

Resistant to temperature up to 500 degrees F

  Colors available .Gives muffler system a New Look!


Annihilate all noise from used, old and perforated muffler and exhaust systems.
Brush COAT 'N GO on entire muffler and exhaust system for protection against Rust , Corrosion & High Impact.
COAT 'N GO is a Water-Based , Eco-Friendly liquid polymer with No Smell .
COAT 'N GO protects and extends the life of all muffler/silencer and exhaust systems.*
COAT 'N GO acts as an excellent Rust & Corrosion inhibitor , adding extra life to your muffler and exhaust system.
COAT 'N GO is heat resistant to temperatures up to 300C or 574F . *
COAT 'N GO is Nonflammable.
COAT 'N GO fortifies against high impact.
COAT 'N GO protects muffler Clamps from Rust & Corrosion.


Simple Muffler/Silencer SYSTEM
Repair Instructions

(COAT 'N GO should be applied at temperatures above 50 F/20 C.
Dries faster in warmer temperatures.)

Available in Black - Brown - Gray - Green -Blue - White - Red Colors  

1) "Original" perforated muffler and tailpipe

2) Lightly sand around the area to be repaired.

Lightly sand around perforations Original perforated muffler/tailpipe

3) Brush COAT 'N GO around the perforated area.

4) Apply a small strip of fiberglass over the damaged area BEFORE COAT 'N GO dries.

Brush Coat 'N Go around perforated area Apply a small strip of fiberglass over the damaged area

5)Apply COAT 'N GO on top of the fiberglass.

Apply COAT 'N GO on top of the fiberglass


Coating Protection & Repair for Muffler & Exhaust Systems



COAT N' GO is available in BLACK, RED, BROWN, WHITE, GRAY for standard orders. for orders over 5 gallons.
COAT N' GO is available in the following sizes:
4 ounce/ 120 ml. can  2sq ft with 2 coats  $ 14.99 US plus shipping $7.00US
1 Gallon / 4 liters  100 sq ft with one coat  $ 99.00 US plus $32US shipping


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*NB: COAT ' N GO will not work with Catalytic Converters due to the high temperatures (over 300 C or 574 F.) at which they operate.

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